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  • Pruning


    The Importance of Pruning Trees. Q&A’s with Dave Gunn – St. Louis Aesthetic Pruning Q: What is the purpose of pruning trees and why is it important? A: When pruning, it is important to have a goal in mind. Why are we pruning? Reasons can include 1) to improve structural form at an early age, […]

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  • Memorial Trees

    Memorial Trees

    Honoring Loved Ones through Nature’s Beauty Losing a loved one is never easy, and finding ways to keep their memory alive can be a comfort. One way to do this is by planting a memorial tree. Memorial trees serve as a living tribute to the memory of someone special, and they offer a way to […]

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  • Long QT Syndrome Finds Support from Treebute

    Long QT Syndrome Finds Support from Treebute

    Treebute plants Eastern Redbuds as a gift of love and support for those diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, and other heart-related disorders. Heart-Shaped leaves raise awareness and money for SADS Foundation & Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation “Anytime your child has issues breathing, you should also see a cardiologist”. This was sage advice offered to the […]

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  • Treebute Origin Story

    Treebute Origin Story

    TreebuteOrigin Story When we tell the Treebute origin story, we talk about our friend who died May 21, 2020. This was a rough time for everyone. But when we got that phone call, it was a total punch in the gut. We wanted to find a unique expression of our love and sympathy to his family. […]

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  • The Roots of Strength Story

    The Roots of Strength Story

    The Roots of Strength By: Lynn Jaffee There is no doubt that we’re living in trying times. People have lost loved ones to the Covid pandemic, businesses have shuttered, jobs have gone away, schools have closed their classrooms and lives have been changed in ways that can never be repaired. In addition, we have become sharply […]

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  • Fall Tree Care Checklist

    Fall Tree Care Checklist

    Fall Tree Care Checklist Five helpful ideas for keeping your Treebute memorial tree in great condition When it comes to the change of seasons, the list of “to dos” can become overwhelming. We want to help you help your memorial tree to become fall-ready! Below is a fall tree care checklist we put together so […]

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  • Eastern Redbud Memorial Tree: A Heart-Felt Gift

    Eastern Redbud Memorial Tree: A Heart-Felt Gift

    The Eastern Redbud A Heart-Felt Memorial Tree Gift Famous for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves and the bright, eye-catching pinks and purples of its flower blossoms, the Eastern Redbud, or Cercis canadensis, makes an ideal gift, both to brighten its surroundings and to provide remembrance for a loved one. Beyond its visual charm, this hardwood tree […]

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