Our mission is to honor the ones we love while doing good for the planet.

Plant a Treebute to

Memorialize a loved one.
Celebrate a birth or milestone.
Remember a pet.
Celebrate a new business.
Honor someone special.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a tree?

Until our new website is live, please call or text us: (314) 477‑8789

Or email: [email protected]

How much does a ‘Treebute’ cost?

There is quite a range! Whether you are hoping to spend $52 on a beautiful bush or you are eyeing our most expensive tree (which, currently, costs $1,284) we have the perfect thing for you!

Treebute will work to find something exceptional within your price range.

*Pricing includes installation.*

Can I order outside St. Louis?

It is possible, but will require coordination. Contact Elizabeth at: [email protected]

All other questions

(314) 477‑8789  or  [email protected]

He that plants trees, loves others besides himself.
— Thomas Fuller