Let Your Love Grow

Person, Large Kit

This large kit will accommodate all the ashes of an adult.

  • This kit is ideal for: Spreading or burying all ashes, Tall trees
  • This kit accommodates: all the ashes of an adult.


Let Your Love Grow blends soil and ash to offset the natural toxicity of cremated remains. The mixture lowers the pH level and dilutes the sodium in order to unlock the nutrients held in ash.  Losing a loved one is one of life’s universal experiences, and it’s one that everyone processes differently. As we journey through our grief, many of us seek creative ways to remember them by.    Let Your Love Grow was designed so everyone could memorialize their loved ones in their own way while giving back to the environment. Whether you plan to plant, scatter or bury, Let Your Love Grow helps new life flourish. Included in this kit:
  • 1 biodegradable cardboard container
  • 1 bag containing patented Let Your Love Grow organic mixture with bio-degradable twist tie
  • 1 biodegradable measuring scoop
  • 1 additional biodegradable twist tie
  • Mixing directions for burial or planting