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Step one

Mark your spot.

Depending on the specific requirements of the Treebute gift (i.e., sun/shade, drainage conditions, growing space, etc.), use the wooden stake provided to mark the location of where you’d like your Treebute planted.

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Step two

Drop us a line.

Complete the Questionnaire form with details on your marked location, so Treebute knows where to plant your memorial tree gift. Submit the questionnaire to let us know you’ve identified the perfect spot for your Treebute.

Step three

Safety Check!

Once we’ve received your questionnaire with information about your Treebute’s marked spot, we can arrange a safety check. Treebute will contact professionals to have your utilities marked on your property. This ensures everyone’s safety and minimizes property damage and potential service interruptions. Remember: Electric, gas, water, sewer, telephone and cable lines will be identified by a professional, but it’s the Recipient’s responsibility to also notify Treebute of any private utility lines such as electric dog fences, irrigation lines, or low voltage lighting.

Step four

Let’s get planting.

A Treebute representative will contact you to schedule their installation. If you are receiving your Treebute memorial tree gift through a campaign, this is also when any campaign donors will receive an update on their gift’s journey!

Please contact Treebute in advance with any special requests or considerations for your planting. For example, for those wanting to plant a loved one’s ashes with their Treebute, check out our FAQs for more information.

Step five

Water and Keep Watering.

Water your memorial tree after its planted. For your convenience, Treebute trees include a slow-release watering bag to help your new tree get established. Overwatering can cause as much harm as not enough water, which is why the tree bag is so helpful. The perforations at the bottom of the bag allow water to penetrate deep into the soil with no run-off or waste. Watering the root ball is key! It should be moist but not soaked. Your tree will not survive if it’s not watered properly. Use a hose connection to refill the watering bag 1-2 times per week. New trees love a big drink! Water more during hot months and less during cold months. Does your home have soft water? Be sure to let Treebute know! Soften water is harmful to your new Treebute’s roots!

Step six

Love your Treebute.

Give your Treebute memorial tree gift all the love and care it needs, and it will be around for years to come. Trees need us, and we need trees, which is why it’s important for Treebute recipients to be knowledgeable about the best ways to protect and nurture your trees. As your tree grows each year, you’ll need to consider watering, mulching, and pruning.

Helpful Hint: The best way to check if your Treebute memorial tree is getting enough water is to check the dirt 2 inches deep. If it feels moist, it’s getting enough water. If it feels dry, it needs water.

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Step seven

Celebrate your Treebute.

Whether your Treebute was a gift from a Treebute Campaign or an individual purchase, we want you to celebrate your growing memory. Please share its beauty and your testimonial with us, with other Treebute nurturers, and the world! Follow us on social media as we share new members of our Treebute community and more helpful hints on how to care for your Treebute.

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How does Treebute select the best trees to plant?

At Treebute, we aim to take every necessary step to ensure your memorial tree grows into an everlasting memory. Each tree is carefully inspected and selected by our team before we plant it. Our Trees are either native or not invasive to the area, and are easy to grow in ordinary conditions. In addition, our trees come with a one-year warranty and are guaranteed to make it through the first winter.

How do I know which tree is right for my yard?

Take some time to look at the descriptions and criteria of Our Trees. As you look through Our Trees, think about how the various trees could be a meaningful connection to your loved one or your special event. Perhaps the tree’s flowers remind you of your wedding colors. Or the tree is the same one you and your sister used to climb as kids. Or perhaps the sheer beauty of the tree evokes the awe you felt when holding your son for the first time. Choosing a tree that you feel a special connection with makes nurturing your Treebute all the more pleasurable. Plant hardiness zones, mature width and height, soil conditions, sunlight, and drought tolerance are all important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right memorial tree. You should also consider which tree will fit with your existing landscape. You may find the Missouri Department of Conservation’s article, “The Right Tree in the Right Place,” and “Tree Placement on Home Grounds,” by the Department of Horticulture at University of Missouri helpful when choosing the best memorial tree for your space. Feel free to contact us for any further guidance.

When is the best time to plant my Treebute?

The best time to plant your Treebute is in the fall or spring.

How often should I water my tree?

The most critical factor for a newly planted tree’s survival is watering. Every Treebute comes with a watering bag. You only have to fill the bag every 5-7 days. The water slowly releases after filling your bag, preventing any water run-off or evaporation and ensuring proper root growth under the soil.

What’s a Treebute Campaign?

Like trees, we can collaborate and help each other grow and heal. Setting up a Treebute Campaign gives friends and family the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful collaborative gift, a living symbol of their love and support. After creating a campaign, you can set a goal of how much money you want to raise and share a private campaign link with others. Once your Treebute campaign is fully funded, we will ship the Recipient a Care Package detailing the next steps and schedule the installation date. All donors will get updates and be able to follow along in their Treebute’s journey! Ecologist Suzanne Simard says trees are “social creatures” that communicate with each other in cooperative ways that hold lessons for humans, too. Trees share nutrients and water and communicate with each other about harmful pests. Trees grow and heal collaboratively. They are, as Simard explains, wired for wisdom and care.

Can I add my loved one’s cremated ashes to my Treebute?

Yes, but only with the proper organic soil mixture and planning. Returning cremation ashes to the earth is a beautiful way to celebrate a loved one’s life. But human and pet cremated ashes are harmful to our environment when placed in the soil or around trees or plants. Cremation ashes have very high pH (alkaline) and high sodium levels toxic to most plants. Additionally, the high calcium levels in ashes can quickly reduce the supply of nitrogen in the soil. We recommend mixing your loved one’s ashes with a very low pH (acidic) organic soil blend from Let Your Love Grow 90-days before planting. The organic soil blend will dilute the sodium, neutralize the pH, and allow cremation ashes to benefit and foster plant life.

What if I don’t have a yard?

We also have indoor tree options such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Why are native plants important?

Landscapes are mini ecosystems and the more native species we include, the more support we give to pollinators, sequester carbon, capture runoff, and rebuild habitats. One study found that habitats with 2 or 3 native tree species contributed 25% to 30% more food and energy to the ecosystem, while habitats with 5 native species were 50% more productive. The more native plants you have in your yard, the more you are supporting your mini ecosystem. Because every factor in an ecosystem depends on each other, non-native plants can be invasive and harm your mini ecosystem. Native species adapt to the climate and soil naturally. Invasive plants can spread quickly and damage the quality of soil nutrients.

What are the benefits of planting a Treebute?

At Treebute, we plant your Treebute, but you help it grow. Planting a memorial tree is an act of reciprocity. It’s the beginning of a nurturing relationship. Plants provide the oxygen we need to breathe and trap the carbon dioxide we exhale. Whether it’s a plant or a human, a fit organism puts on biomass, meaning they grow and flourish; they don’t just survive. By caring for your Treebute, you are helping your memory grow. As trees grow and change, they invite a sense of awe and wonder, remind us of the joy in nature, and ground us in the present. What better way to celebrate a special person or event? Trees conserve energy by providing shade in the summer and protecting your home from harsh winter weather. According to the U.S. Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research, three trees properly placed around the house can save up to 30% of energy use. Trees are also an investment in your property and can increase the value of your property up to 25%.

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