Gifts of Love and Support for Heart Families

In a touching collaboration, Treebute is planting Eastern Redbud tree gifts to spread love and support for heart families. This meaningful endeavor, named ‘Trees with Heart,’ not only raises awareness but also contributes to the SADS Foundation and the Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation, providing invaluable resources for families facing pediatric heart conditions.

A Heartfelt Journey: The journey began when Anna Scott Baur, at 18, experienced light-headedness following swim competitions and was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. The Baur family’s quest for answers led them to The SADS Foundation, a beacon of support that provided resources and connected them with renowned physician Dr. Michael Ackerman at Mayo Clinic, offering hope and a path forward.

A Mission to Give Back: Grateful for Anna Scott’s early detection and ongoing treatment, the Baur family embarked on a mission to bring awareness and support to organizations that played a crucial role in their journey. Martha Baur, Anna Scott’s mother, approached Treebute Co-Founder, Elizabeth Schenk, and together they brainstormed ‘Trees with Heart’, a collaborative effort to bring awareness to pediatric heart conditions, give back to the community, and support heart families facing similar challenges.

Ollie’s Branch: A Lifeline for Heart Families: The Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation, a local St. Louis resource, plays a pivotal role in supporting heart families. The Ollie’s Branch initiative, highlighted in the collaboration, offers free virtual mental health counseling, addressing the unique challenges faced by parents, grandparents, and siblings of heart warriors throughout their lifetimes.

Heartfelt Feature: A Symbol of Resilience: With distinctive heart-shaped foliage and pink to reddish-purple flowers in spring, Eastern Redbuds stands as a beautiful tribute to heart warriors. Treebute offers three sizes of Eastern Redbud trees, known for their hardiness and resilience. The purchase includes the delivery of a hardy-sized tree, professional installation, and a limited-edition watering bag adorned with a signature Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation red heart.

A Unique Tribute:‘Trees with Heart’ provides a distinctive way to honor and acknowledge heart warriors and their families. Treebute handles every aspect, ensuring a seamless process from purchase to installation. The collaboration is a true expression of love for families navigating pediatric heart conditions, providing a lasting and meaningful tribute that contributes to the well-being of heart warriors and their caregivers.

‘Trees with Heart’ is more than a tree planting initiative; it’s a collaborative effort rooted in love and compassion. By purchasing an Eastern Redbud through Treebute, you not only honor heart warriors but also support the SADS Foundation and the Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation – organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of heart families. Join Treebute in this meaningful endeavor, where every tree planted becomes a living testament to the strength, hope, and unity of those facing pediatric heart conditions.