Celebrating Memories Rooted in Love

Treebute’s Feature in Kirkwood City Lifestyle Magazine

Originally published in Kirkwood City Lifestyle

A Living Legacy:

The Kirkwood City Lifestyle Magazine feature brings to the forefront the unique concept of the memorial tree services offered by Treebute, emphasizing its founders’ journey and the inspiration behind this innovative memorial tree company.  Driven by a desire to offer something more significant and long-lasting as an expression of love and sympathy, the founders share their journey of creating a service that didn’t just plant trees but planted seeds of comfort and healing during times of grief. At its core, Treebute is dedicated to offering an environmentally positive way to honor the memory of loved ones. The feature article delves into the significance of memorial trees and their ability to stand as living legacies, symbolizing strength, beauty, and enduring connections.

Seamless Process with Reverence and Love:

The Kirkwood City Lifestyle magazine feature articulates how Treebute distinguishes itself by offering a full-service experience with reverence and love. From the initial order to delivery and professional installation when the recipient is ready, Treebute ensures a seamless process, sparing families the burden during times of grief. Readers gain insight into the meticulous care and attention each Treebute order receives, ensuring a seamless and meaningful experience for both the giver and the recipient.

Crowdfunding Campaigns for Shared Gifts:

One distinctive aspect highlighted in the feature is Treebute’s innovative crowdfunding-style solution. The article explains how individuals can come together to contribute to a shared gift – a hardy-sized memorial tree. This approach allows multiple individuals to contribute to a shared gift of a memorial tree. By “passing the hat,” contributors enjoy a more rewarding gift-giving experience and receive updates, including a photo of the planted tree. This inclusive method reflects our commitment to making memorial trees accessible to everyone, regardless of denomination.

Eco-Friendly Solution for Cremation:

The article delves into Treebute’s role as a pioneer in offering an eco-friendly solution for those who choose cremation. By safely incorporating cremation ashes with their tree planting process utilizing Let Your Love Grow© patented all-organic mixture to neutralize the impact of cremation ashes and nourish the new life. Treebute addresses a common misconception about the environmental impact of cremated remains. This responsible method allows for the creation of a true living memorial while regenerating soil and nourishing the memorial tree.

Community Connection:

The company’s commitment to creating living legacies resonates with readers seeking meaningful ways to memorialize their loved ones. Testimonials and positive experiences underscore Treebute’s commitment to creating a positive and enduring impact on the lives of those it serves. Kirkwood City Lifestyle Magazine recognizes Treebute not just as a business but as a community-driven enterprise. The feature emphasizes Treebute’s growth through inbound orders across the country while remaining deeply connected to its hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.


In conclusion, the Kirkwood City Lifestyle Magazine feature on Treebute encapsulates our mission to provide premium, eco-friendly memorial tree services. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the magazine for recognizing our dedication to creating living legacies and fostering a sense of community through shared gifts. At Treebute, we look forward to continuing our journey of honoring memories, one memorial tree at a time.