Planting a Memorial Tree with Cremation Ashes

The Treebute Solution

Memorial trees are a meaningful way to honor loved ones with their strength, beauty, and quiet presence.  Now imagine giving symbolic life back to your loved one by safely planting their cremation ashes with a tree.  Treebute is the first service of its kind creating tangible, living memorials in private residential yards since 2020.  Sustainably returning cremation ashes to the earth to nourish new life brings healing to family and friends.  Especially when seen regularly in a lawn or yard – a daily moment of remembering them with nature.  Each Treebute tree represents a life, given with great love and professionally planted with reverence, and provide benefits for generations.

Why Treebute?

We believe giving a tangible memorial tree planted in the recipient’s yard is a more meaningful, environmentally positive gift option. Treebute makes it easy and convenient to give a hardy-sized memorial tree as a shared gift that includes its delivery and professional installation on private residential property. Treebute began with our desire to give something more significant and long-lasting as an expression of love and sympathy. When we got the phone call that our friend died unexpectedly, sending food or flowers felt inadequate.  Scouring the internet during a time of grief for a full-service company that would plant a tribute tree in his yard, we couldn’t believe this service didn’t readily exist. 

When his grieving family received their tree gift, we knew we had given the most meaningful expression of love and support. And that’s when Treebute was born. We’ve since grown through inbound orders in multiple states. Our crowdfunding platform allows multiple people to “pass the hat” and contribute to something larger together as a shared gift.  Campaign donors enjoy a more rewarding gift giving experience by receiving occasional campaign updates, including a photo of their tree gift after it has been planted. 

-We make it EASY; Treebute handles the entire process start-to-finish with reverence and love.

-We make it CONVENIENT, especially during a time of grief; Treebute’s crowdfunding solution allows multiple individuals to contribute to something long-lasting as a shared gift.

-We make it ACCESSIBLE; any denomination to a crowdfunded campaign is accepted, so everyone can feel good about contributing to something special. 

A Lasting Tribute

Giving a tangible Treebute memorial tree as a shared gift is our flagship, but we are proud to also be an eco-friendly solution for those who have chosen cremation.  Treebute is the first service of its kind allowing all cremation ashes to be safely planted with a hardy-sized memorial tree in your yard.  The desire to return a loved one to the earth appeals to many on a spiritual level.  However, many don’t know that cremated ashes are harmful to our environment when planted or scattered. Until now.

Pre-mixing cremation ashes with Let Your Love Grow© patented all-organic mixture is mandatory.  This offsets the natural toxicity of ash and invites new life to flourish with your Treebute tree. There is a common misconception because cremation “ashes” don’t resemble anything close to the wood ashes from your fire pit.  Rather, they are essentially sterilized bone matter in a powdered form.  Cremation ashes do not biodegrade when scattered or buried on their own; they sit untouched in soil and release contaminants with the same impact as pouring bleach into the surrounding earth and plants.  Sadly, the effect is often fatal to plants and young tree roots.  Additionally, moisture makes them a lot like cement.  They can’t become part of the environment because the soil’s healthy, natural microorganisms can’t incorporate the cement-like paste.

Internationally patented and backed by extensive science, Let Your Love Grow organic soil blend neutralizes the extreme pH and dilutes the sodium of cremation ashes and unlocks the organic nutrients found in remains.  Cremation ashes mixed with Let Your Love Grow regenerates soil, revitalizes plants, and nourishes the new life of your Treebute tree.  Pre-mixing with Let Your Love Grow allows you to responsibly return cremation ashes to the earth and create a true living memorial for your beloved.  

Every Treebute order is full-service and includes a hardy-sized tree, delivery, and installation. Select the service of incorporating cremation ashes during check-out and don’t forget to add Let Your Love Grow all-organic mixture to your cart.  Indicate your preference of creating a more personalized tribute service on the installation questionnaire provided in the Care Package.

During your installation, the Treebute team will make special arrangements for your unique, loving memorial experience.  This can include digging an extra-large hole allowing you to place the blended ash + soil mixture at the bottom.  Another idea is to ask friends and family to write notes to their loved one on small water-soluble strips of paper to place in the soil before we set the tree.

Each Treebute memorial tree gift holds a unique story; whether it’s in memory of a loved one or pet, or to commemorate a joyous occasion like a birth or wedding. For a legacy of life, that leaves the planet a better place.