Treebute plants Eastern Redbuds as a gift of love and support for those diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, and other heart-related disorders.

Heart-Shaped leaves raise awareness and money for SADS Foundation & Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation

Easter Redbud heart-shaped leaves represent heart-related disorders such as Long QT Syndrome

“Anytime your child has issues breathing, you should also see a cardiologist”. This was sage advice offered to the Baur family by a doctor friend. At just 18 years old, Anna Scott Baur was experiencing light-headedness following swim competitions. After a few years of seeing doctor after doctor for asthma and vocal cord dysfunction treatment, these wise words prompted her to also seek an EKG test. “It actually took longer to check-in for the EKG than to have the testing done” said Anna Scott’s mother, Martha Baur. An abnormal EKG and genetic testing discovered she had Long QT Syndrome, an arrhythmic disorder that, left untreated, could cause sudden cardiac death.

Support for ‘Heart Families’ with Long QT Syndrome and Other Heart-Related Disorders and Diagnoses

A shocking diagnosis that was totally unfamiliar to the Baur family, they set out in search for answers, resources, and hope. The SADS Foundation provided each of these for free, including a directory of doctors that led them to the premier Long QT Syndrome physician at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Michael Ackerman. 

The Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation is a local St. Louis resource that wraps heart families in love and is committed to addressing their unmet needs. The stresses and challenges heart parents and caregivers face can have significant and lasting effects if not properly addressed. Their Ollie’s Branch initiative provides free virtual mental health counseling for parents, grandparents, and siblings throughout their – and their heart warrior child’s – lifetime.  

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Long QT Syndrome is Only the Beginning for Trees With Heart

Thanks to early detection and daily treatment, Anna Scott is expected to live a long healthy life. And the ever-grateful Baur family is on a mission. As a way to bring awareness to others and give back to these incredible organizations, Martha reached out to fellow female entrepreneur, Elizabeth Schenk, with an idea to collaborate. “We were ALL IN and couldn’t have scheduled a meeting fast enough to bring this idea to fruition,” said Elizabeth Schenk, Co-Founder of Treebute. “Although we are not a heart family, we have a lot of heart and love this way of giving back to our community”. Kate Stacy and Jenn Hinkle with OHHF enthusiastically embraced ‘Trees with Heart’, followed quickly by the Development Director of SADS.

Purchase a ‘Trees with Heart’ Eastern Redbud in acknowledgment and in honor of heart warriors and their families. Treebute offers three sizes of Eastern Redbud. The price includes the hardy-sized tree’s delivery, professional installation, and limited edition watering bag with a signature OHHF red heart. Treebute handles everything start-to-finish. Eastern Redbud are usually one of the first trees to bloom in spring. Pink to reddish-purple flowers grow on old twigs, branches, and trunks. Following the springs explosion of color are the emergence of green rounded heart-shaped foliage. Redbuds are wonderful compact and resilient trees. They are a great understory option if you have large trees in your yard, and also stand on their own in full sun. 

Above all, ‘Trees with Heart’ is a collaboration of love for families struggling with pediatric heart conditions and offers a uniquely special way to pay tribute to a loved one.

Eastern Redbud initial bloom with pink flowers represent those with heart-related disorders, like Long QT Syndrome


Available Eastern Redbuds

Multi Stem

$550 – $1,250

Single Stem

$550 – $1,250

Still want to help without getting a tree?