Tree Care Tips

Five helpful ideas for keeping your
Treebute memorial tree in great condition

young trees damaged by deers

When it comes to the change of seasons, the list of “to dos” can become overwhelming. We want to help you help your memorial tree to become fall-ready! Below is a fall tree care checklist we put together so you can stay on track of your special tree’s transition into the fall, and eventually the winter:

  1. Apply a slow-release fertilizer in the fall!
    Fall fertilization will help the trees to maintain nutrient levels which leads to increased root production. Come spring, a tree’s root system’s stored starch will become active energy on demand when shoot growth, leafing and flowering occur.
  2. You aren’t the only one who enjoys being wrapped in a blanket!
    Cover the ground around the base of your trees with a blanket of new mulch (between 1 and 4 inches) in the fall. Organic mulch can be made out of ground-up leaves, weed-free straw, and wood chips. When it’s added over the root zone surrounding the tree, it can help conserve soil moisture, maintain soil temperatures, and give the root system an extra layer of protection against temperature extremes approaching in the winter.
  3. Continue to water!
    As the fall temperatures bring in cooler air and trees lose their leaves and go dormant, soils will lose less water to direct evaporation, but still benefit from a weekly drink. Although in the summer it is advised to water in the evenings to avoid intense direct water evaporation from the sunlight, in the fall you should water around mid-day so there is adequate time for the water to soak in before the freezing night temperatures.
  4. Oh, deer!
    Does Bambi and his family live in your area? Consider purchasing some inexpensive black corrugated pipe or deer cage to protect from young bucks sharpening their antlers your tree’s trunk. They can cause a lot of damage overnight; better safe than sorry!
  5. Chop, Chop!
    Trim your trees lifeless, cracked, loose, or diseased-looking limbs. Not only does this protect yourself and your property from damage but also to help shape the tree. Consider the impact of winter snow and winds on loose hanging and lifeless branches and get them taken care of before it’s a problem!  

Taking these steps will help ensure your Treebute memorial tree’s long-term success.  Trees like to be cared for, and these are powerful ways to spend time outdoors nurturing the memories of your loved one.