Growing Love

The Treebute® Approach to Planting Memorial Trees with Cremation Ashes

Memorial trees stand as a poignant tribute, embodying strength, beauty, and quiet presence. Imagine taking this symbolism further by planting a tree with the cremation ashes of your loved one. Since 2020, Treebute® has pioneered this unique service, creating tangible living memorials in private residential yards.

Why Choose Treebute?

Treebute® offers a more meaningful and environmentally positive alternative for those seeking a lasting memorial. Our service simplifies the process of giving a hardy-sized memorial tree as a shared gift. We handle everything, from delivery to professional installation on private residential property.

Our journey began with a desire to offer a more significant and enduring expression of love and sympathy. In the face of unexpected loss, traditional gestures like sending flowers felt insufficient. The search for a full-service company that could plant a tribute tree revealed a gap in the market, inspiring the birth of Treebute.

Easy, Convenient, Accessible: The Treebute® Advantage

We make it EASY and CONVENIENT. Handling the entire process from start to finish with reverence and love, Treebute® ensures a seamless experience during a time of grief. Our crowdfunding platform allows multiple individuals to contribute to a shared gift, with any denomination accepted.

A Lasting Tribute

While giving a tangible Treebute® memorial tree remains our flagship, we also proudly offer an eco-friendly solution for those who have chosen cremation. Treebute® is the first service of its kind, enabling the safe planting of all cremation ashes with a hardy-sized memorial tree in your yard.

Cremation ashes, though appealing on a spiritual level, can be harmful to the environment when scattered or buried alone. Treebute® addresses this concern by pre-mixing cremation ashes with Let Your Love Grow®, a patented all-organic mixture. This mixture neutralizes the extreme pH and sodium of cremation ashes, promoting the flourishing of new life.

Let Your Love Grow®: A Solution Grounded in Science

Internationally patented and scientifically backed, Let Your Love Grow organic soil blend transforms cremation ashes into a source of nourishment for your Treebute® tree. Unlike the misconception that cremation ashes resemble wood ashes, they are essentially sterilized bone matter in powdered form. Without proper treatment, cremation ashes do not biodegrade and can harm the environment.

Select the service of incorporating cremation ashes during checkout and add Let Your Love Grow to your cart. Indicate your preferences in the installation questionnaire provided in the Care Package.

A Personalized Memorial Experience

During installation, the Treebute® team can make special arrangements for a unique, loving memorial experience. Consider options like digging an extra-large hole to place the blended ash + soil mixture at the bottom. You can also invite friends and family to write notes on small water-soluble strips of paper to place in the soil before the tree is set.

Each Treebute® memorial tree gift tells a unique story—whether in memory of a loved one, pet, or to commemorate joyous occasions like a birth or wedding. For a legacy of life that leaves the planet a better place, choose Treebute.