From Ashes to Arbor

How Treebute® Transforms Cremation Ashes into Living Memorials

Memorial trees stand as powerful symbols, honoring loved ones with their enduring strength, beauty, and silent presence. Imagine going a step further, giving symbolic life back to your cherished ones by safely incorporating their cremation ashes with a tree. Introducing Treebute, the pioneering service that has been creating tangible, living memorials in private residential yards since 2020.

Sustainable Healing through Nature

Sustainably returning cremation ashes to the earth to nourish new life brings profound healing to family and friends. Witnessing this living memorial daily in a lawn or yard provides a moment of solace and remembrance. Each Treebute® tree embodies a life, given with immense love, and is professionally planted with utmost reverence, ensuring benefits for generations.

Why Choose Treebute?

We believe in the significance of giving a tangible memorial tree as a more meaningful and environmentally positive gift. Treebute® simplifies the process, making it easy and convenient to gift a hardy-sized memorial tree with included delivery and professional installation on private residential property.

Our journey began with a desire to offer something more substantial during times of grief. Unable to find a full-service company to plant a tribute tree for a dear friend, Treebute® was born. Since then, we’ve grown through inbound orders in multiple states, offering a crowdfunding platform for shared gifts. Campaign donors receive updates, including a photo of their planted tree, making the gift-giving experience even more rewarding.

  • EASY: Treebute® handles the entire process from start to finish with reverence and love.
  • CONVENIENT: Our crowdfunding solution allows multiple individuals to contribute to a lasting gift.
  • ACCESSIBLE: Any denomination to a crowdfunded campaign is accepted, ensuring everyone can contribute to something special.

A Lasting Tribute: Eco-Friendly Cremation Solution

Beyond being a flagship for tangible memorial trees, Treebute® is proud to be an eco-friendly solution for those who choose cremation. We are the first service of its kind, allowing all cremation ashes to be safely planted with a hardy-sized memorial tree in your yard.

A common misconception is that cremation ashes resemble wood ashes; however, they are essentially sterilized bone matter in powdered form. To address this, Treebute® uses the Let Your Love Grow® patented all-organic mixture. This mixture, internationally patented and scientifically backed, neutralizes the extreme pH and sodium of cremation ashes, regenerating soil, revitalizing plants, and nourishing the new life of your Treebute® tree.

Every Treebute® order is full-service, including a hardy-sized tree, delivery, and installation. Choose to incorporate cremation ashes during check-out and add the Let Your Love Grow all-organic mixture to your cart. Indicate your preferences in the installation questionnaire provided in the Care Package for a more personalized tribute service.

During installation, the Treebute® team can make special arrangements, such as digging an extra-large hole for the blended ash and organic mixture or incorporating notes from friends and family into the soil before setting the tree.

Each Treebute® memorial tree gift holds a unique story, whether in memory of a loved one or pet or to commemorate joyous occasions like births or weddings. For a lasting legacy that leaves the planet a better place, choose Treebute.