Three Meaningful Places for Your Loved One’s Cremation Ashes

The final resting place of a loved one’s ashes is a sanctuary for memories, a testament to a life well-lived and a personal tribute to your loved one. When selecting where to put their ashes from cremation, the choices are as unique as the individual they represent.

#1. Place the Ashes in a Cremation Urn

A beautifully crafted urn can be perfect for those who prefer to keep their loved ones close.  We recommend considering biodegradable urn options.  Urns offer a personal touch to your home, and can be in a color or special material to visually represent their presence. 

#2. Scatter the Ashes

Returning a loved one’s ashes to nature can be a profoundly peaceful and healing experience. Many find tranquility in releasing ashes in a place that holds special meaning to their loved ones, which could be a serene park, a tranquil river, the deep blue sea, or a majestic mountaintop. This act of scattering allows you to connect with your loved one in a place that encapsulates their spirit and joy.

If you plan to scatter your loved one’s ashes, please also be sure to check with your local state, city and county laws and regulations to ensure no hiccups during the memorial process. 

#3. Plant a Tree with the Ashes

Planting a memorial tree with cremation ashes offers a profoundly personal and enduring tribute. A memorial tree becomes a living symbol of your loved one’s legacy and offers a peaceful space for reflection and remembrance. This beautiful gesture is a living tribute and symbolizes life’s continual renewal. 

Some companies even give you the opportunity to plant a memorial tree in your own yard or private space of your choosing. However, cremation ashes have a high pH and high sodium levels, which can be incompatible with most plants. But you can still bury cremated ashes with companies like Treebute® , who partner with Let Your Love Grow® organic mixture to turn your loved one’s ashes into a tree. Their process to create a living memorial handles everything from delivery to installation, taking the big items off your plate so you can honor your loved ones. 

Create a Living Memorial for Your Loved One

Deciding what to do with the cremation ashes of a loved one is deeply personal and profoundly significant. No matter what final resting place you choose, this tribute will offer comfort and solace in the journey of remembrance and healing. 

Through Treebute’s innovative approach, this journey transcends traditional boundaries, allowing for a harmonious blend of memory and nature. A Treebute® tree is a resilient reminder of the love and legacy left behind, offering a space for reflection and peace. 

Learn more about creating a living memorial with a Treebute® Memorial Tree and contact our caring team!