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  • A young Brackens Brown Beauty magnolia tree standing alone, its slender trunk rising to a canopy of glossy green leaves, set against a minimalist white background to emphasize its elegant form and structure.
    A single pristine white flower of a Brackens Brown Beauty magnolia tree, with its large petals unfurling around a creamy center, nestled among glossy green leaves with hints of brown on their undersides.

    ‘Brackens Brown Beauty’ Magnolia

    The ‘Brackens Brown Beauty’ Magnolia is one of the most iconic and dramatic trees.

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    Weeping Cherry Tree Flowers

    Weeping Higan Cherry

    The Weeping Higan Cherry is a stunning accent tree featuring couds of double pale pink blossoms and graceful weeping boughs. It has dark green foliage following the blooms that turn yellow in the fall. Ideally should be grown in full sunlight sheltered from strong winds with well-drained soil; it will not tolerate standing water.