1 Year Warranty


    Warranty Coverage:
    1. Tree Health and Growth: The tree will show signs of healthy growth, including leafing out in the spring and not exhibiting any symptoms of disease or severe pest infestation.
    2. Replacement: If the tree dies or is deemed unhealthy by one of our partners within one year of planting, we will replace it with a similar tree at no cost to the customer.
    3. Installation: Any replacement tree will be installed by professionals to ensure proper planting procedures are followed.
    Exclusions: This warranty does not cover the following conditions:
    1. Negligence or Improper Care: Damage or death due to improper watering, fertilization, or maintenance by the customer.
    2. Acts of Nature: Damage caused by extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, or environmental factors beyond our control.
    3. Accidental or Intentional Damage: Damage resulting from physical harm, such as that caused by animals, vehicles, construction activities, or crime.
    4. Labor costs for the replanting.
    Customer Responsibilities: To maintain the validity of this warranty, the customer must:
    1. Proper Watering: Ensure the tree receives adequate water, especially during dry periods.
    2. Mulching: Keep a proper mulch ring around the base of the tree, avoiding mulch contact with the trunk.
    3. Monitoring: Regularly inspect the tree for signs of pests or disease and notify us promptly if any issues arise.
    Claim Process: To make a warranty claim, the customer must contact Treebute (314-254-8821 or [email protected]) and provide photographs of the tree and a description of the problem. One of our arborists may need to inspect the tree to determine if it qualifies for replacement under this warranty. Agreement: By purchasing this warranty, the terms and conditions stated above are accepted.