Partial Shade

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  • Royal Star Magnolia

    This fan favorite has large, full white blooms that beacon in the spring season.

  • Weeping Higan Cherry

    Few things compare to the peaceful appearance and magestic movement of the Weeping Higan Cherry.

  • Yoshino Cherry

    A symbol of peace between the United States and Japan, the Yoshino Cherry is the hallmark of spring.

  • Norway Spruce

    The classic Christmas Tree, the Norway Spruce can be appreciated all year long.

  • Gold Star Magnolia

    With fragrant and visually distinct, creamy yellow blooms, the Magnolia Gold Star lives up to its name.

  • Butterflies Magnolia

    With dainty branches and flowers that resemble beautiful yellow butterflies, there is no tree like the Butterflies Magnolia.

  • Ann Magnolia

    The deep pink and purple-red blossoms of the Ann Magnolia are a staple of the spring palette.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    A modern favorite for decorating indoor spaces, the fiddle leaf fig is a fashionista of a tree.

  • Kousa Dogwood

    Considered the “ultimate garden tree,” the Kousa Dogwood cobines breathtaking beauty with all the great qualities of smaller trees.

  • Cherokee Brave Dogwood

    This small, hardy tree will bring you brilliant reds in the fall and delightful pinks in the spring.

  • Eastern Redbud

    It is difficult not to be charmed by the heart-shaped leaves of the Eastern Redbud.

  • American Hornbeam

    The American Hornbeam is a unique tree due to its tolerance of wet sites. It can withstand periodic flooding, extreme heat, and almost total shade. It’s fine-textured bark makes it a wonderful addition to any natural landscape.