Acer Rubrum

October Glory Maple

Dark green leaves in spring turn radiant red late fall and last several weeks. Tiny, conspicuous red flowers bloom in spring. Showy red fruit attract many birds and other wildlife. A supurb choice for larger landscapes!

  • Tolerates: Urban pollution, wet soil
  • Sun: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Bloom Season: March–April
  • Zones: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Spread (Min): 30
  • Spread (Max): 40
  • Height (Min): 40'
  • Height (Max): 50
  • Leaves vs Needles: Shade
  • Size: Large


Large shade trees are not hard to come by but a shade tree as spectacular in color and easy maintenance as the October Glory Maple is hard to compete with. The October Glory Maple is a fast-growing tree that does well in urban conditions. It provides bountiful dense shade with its rounded crown all year round and its crimson-red leaves are worth counting down the days for. The October Glory Maple is native to zones 3 – 8 therefore making it well accustomed to the climate. It is a more adaptive version of the traditional Red Maple and will thrive in all types of soils. October Glory Maple’s grow rapidly, at least 3 feet a year, in their early years. This exceptional growth speed will produce a large specimen tree in your front or backyard, garden, or green space in no time! Maples are revered in many cultures. In China, maple is associated with honor, and its leaves are a motif in Japanese ukiyo-e paintings representing love and autumn. In Celtic mythology it was a tree consecrated to Dana, the Celtic goddess of fertility. It is also known as the tree of tolerance. The maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada, found in its flag and coins. And maple syrup was important to the diet of native Americans.